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While working at the Council for Dance Education and Training (CDET), I was responsible for the planning, development and delivery of all projects within the organisation.

"Ms Abad-Carlés was as confident and competent in the professional field as she was within education and undertook a number of large scale initiatives central to the work of the organisation completing them on each occasion to the highest standard." (Sean Williams, Director, CDET, 2008)

Principals Conference

This project aimed at bringing together the professional and educational sectors in a two day conference that would enable dialogue for the dance community.

There were two Principals Conferences, the first being held in 2006 and the second in 2007.

Among the participants were most dance schools in the UK and representatives from contemporary dance, musical theatre, ballet and community dance.

Speakers included Robert Cohan, Viacheslav Samodurov, Javier de Frutos, Julia Buckroyd, Antony Van Laast, Rafael Bonachela, Sue Hoyle, Phyllida Crawley-Smith, Maina Gielgud, Kenneth Tharp, Angela Kane, David Grindrod, George Piper Dances and many others.

Pilot Mentoring Scheme

Another initiative that I implemented in collaboration with London Youth Dance in 2007. The scheme is now successfully running as "Aspire" Mentoring Scheme.

"I would just like to say a HUGE thank you for this whole scheme. In this business it seems to be so much about who you know and this opportunity has meant getting contact with a company I would kill to be in! Thank you!" (Former vocational student, 2007)

The purpose of this project was to facilitate routes into professional dance by pairing young students with students following a professional course in one of the vocational schools in London and these with a professional from the sector.

The initiative was piloted with a total of 32 students (16 prevocational and 16 vocational). Among the organisations and professionals offering their support as mentors and collaborators were Rambert Dance Company, Akram Kahn, The Lion King, Hofesh Shechter and many others.

Dance Careers Day

The idea for this initiative came after attending an event in Birmingham in 2005. I thought the idea of an event dedicated to dance would enhance the education opportunities for young people.

The project was carried out in collaboration with London Youth Dance and Sadler's Wells Theatre.

The purpose of the project was to give young people the opportunity to gain first hand information from the professionals in order to make an informed decision if they then decided to pursue a career in dance. The day was divided into three main activities: practical workshops, panel discussions and a career information area.

There were more than 30 dance organisations collaborating on the project. Among them Royal Ballet, George Piper Dances, Impact Dance, most vocational colleges and universities, dance awarding bodies like Royal Academy of Dance, Dancing Times, dance organisations like Dance UK, casting directors, streetdance performers and choreographers, English National Ballet and many others.

Student Consultative Committee

I took over this initiative when starting working for the Council and for over three years I acted as Chair for the Committee. This committee consisted of student representatives of all major vocational dance schools and colleges in the UK.

"Thanks for everything. You have done so much for this committee. I saw it develop across all those meetings. Thanks for all the information and for opening up my mind!" (Former Student Representative, 2007)

The committee met three times a year and the agenda was designed and agreed by the students themselves. There were guest speakers from musical theatre, contemporary dance and dance organisations, as requested by the students. There were also forums where students expressed their concerns and ideas about their dance education and, once agreed on main topics, these were passed down to their directors and principals for their information and action.

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